Iraqi Prime Minister Declares 'Total Victory' Over Islamic State in Mosul

Miércoles, 12 Jul, 2017

Iraqi forces were still battling ISIS militants in a small area of Mosul on Monday, a day after the prime minister visited to congratulate the troops on retaking nearly all of Iraq's second largest city.

Haider Fadhil of the Iraqi special forces said that even after the militants are defeated in the last pocket under their control, Iraqi forces will need to carry out clearing operations to root out sleeper cells and defuse booby traps.

'If they don't carry weapons, they are civilians.' - Lt. -Gen.

Still, France and Britain, members of the coalition that has conducted air strikes and provided training and assistance to Iraqi forces on the battlefield, welcomed the defeat. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi, a senior special forces commander, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

Cornered in a shrinking area, the militants resorted to sending women suicide bombers among the thousands of civilians who are emerging from the battlefield wounded, malnourished and fearful, Iraqi army officers said. "We spent beautiful days here and I'd like to renew them". We grieve with the Iraqi people for the loss of the heroic soldiers and Peshmerga who gave their lives to restore life to their country, and we honor their sacrifice.

It said thousands of Mosul residents will likely remain displaced from the city after the fight is concluded because of "extensive damage caused during the conflict". In the Al Khadra neighbourhood, the majority of families have moved back and are repairing or rebuilding destroyed properties and businesses. Kurdish forces also joined in operations north and east of the city.

The government announced the full "liberation" of eastern Mosul in January, but the west of the city has presented a more difficult challenge, with its narrow, winding streets. Baghdadi has since fled the city and his exact whereabouts are unknown.

An Iraqi girl gestures as she celebrates in West Mosul, on Sunday.

June 29, 2014- The terror outfit declared the establishment of an Islamic state, or caliphate, in territories it controls in Iraq and Syria and demands allegiance from Muslims worldwide.

Al-Abadi alluded to the brutality of the battle for Mosul - Iraq's longest yet in the fight against IS - saying the triumph had been achieved "by the blood of our martyrs". And it's been Iraqis, with U.S. air support and coalition air support, who have fought and died. And it's not clear that he has the power - although he has the willingness - to pull this country together. The push into western Mosul began the following month. The coalition's final push brought fighting that pushed 566,000 people from western Mosul out of the city in just four months. "Of the 54 residential neighborhoods in western Mosul, 15 are heavily damaged and at least 23 are moderately damaged".

In Washington, National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton, when asked whether the battle for Mosul was complete, replied: "Situation not resolved, but we are monitoring".

July 9, 2017- Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi arrived in Mosul and congratulated the armed forces for their "victory" over Islamic State.