CTX legislator discusses bathroom bill ahead of special session

Martes, 18 Jul, 2017

The proposed legislation would require transgender Texans to use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender listed on their birth certificate. It's actually a pretty good one.

"I did not think it (shouting) would work, or that I would be heard and was more interested in the getting the photograph and not getting thrown out", Smith, who does not support Abbott, told the Express-News. A stalemate may yet prevail if neither side budges during a 30-day extra session that GOP Gov. Greg Abbott has convened starting Tuesday. In 2014, Collier challenged incumbent Glenn Hegar in the race for state comptroller, receiving 37 percent of the vote to Hegar's 58 percent.

Powerful business entities, from Apple to the NFL, oppose such a bill as discriminatory. Proponents of the move said it was needed to help an overwhelmed U.S. Border Patrol, whose agents were ill-prepared to handle the influx and concentrate on border security efforts.

State. Rep. Chris Turner, D-Grand Prairie, chair of the House Democratic Caucus, said he hopes the governor will consider formally adding some Democratic priorities to the special session agenda, criticizing many of the current agenda items as "dangerous", "divisive" or "non-issues".

Smith, a member of Indivisible's Austin chapter, isn't exactly a fan of the governor, a strong social conservative who recently revived an anti-trans bathroom bill in the legislature. Abbott, meanwhile, has appeared conflicted. They hope for those issues to be added to the agenda.

Republican House of Representatives Speaker Joe Straus and companies including IBM, American Airlines, Apple and Southwest Airlines have spoken out against the bill. They have to report their campaign finances for that period to the Texas Ethics Commission by the end of the day Monday. It's up to 37 field organizers and seven regional directors - a group that helped knock on over 10,000 doors Saturday, according to Abbott's team.

North Texas-based artist Will Heron has begun painting the first mural of the Downtown Mural Project this week in the Downtown Plano Arts District.