Japan says time for pressure, not dialogue with N.Korea

Martes, 18 Jul, 2017

The U.S.is likely to keep pressuring China to squeeze Pyongyang on the issue, since it is its best non-military option, he said.

China and other major economies are waiting to see whether the Trump administration will slap big tariffs on their shipments of steel to the U.S. "The sanctions were perfunctory". He also said that he is opposed to sanctions by individual countries.

But he said numbers showing an increase are not evidence that China is failing to enforce U.N. resolutions, with imports from North Korea falling every month since March.

What about China taking out the Kim regime in North Korea?

TRUMP'S MOVE The question of Washington's patience now remains.

North Korea presents the U.S. with a second challenge.

The data shows gasoline prices eased to $2.05 per kg by July 12; they are still more than double from the beginning of the year.

Trump pledged repeatedly during his election campaign to get tough on Chinese trade practices deemed unfair to the United States, but his rhetoric softened after the friendlier-than-expected April summit with Xi.

Such trade hasn't sat well with Trump.

He said Russia also has "an extremely important role to play in dealing with the North Korean problem and we will encourage Russia to play some even greater role".

"The Ministry of National Defense proposes inter-Korean military talks at Panmunjom on July 21st at the North Korean building of Tongilgak".

"I've never talked to a Chinese or Russian who has this as a top concern, as opposed to the U.S. presence on the Korean peninsula, or the possible collapse of North Korea", he said.

According to Reuters, two senior U.S. officials confirmed that the U.S. was readying new sanctions on Chinese businesses that engage in commerce with North Korea. Ties between the Koreas have plunged over the North's expanding missile and nuclear programs and the hard-line policies of Moon's conservative predecessors.

Maruyama explained that raising pressure now is essential "in order to be able to conduct a serious dialogue" with North Korea in the future.

But coal imports slumped by 75%, suggesting Beijing is gradually choking off North Korea's biggest source of foreign currency. In contrast, the South Korean president's executive office said it is necessary to reopen talks between South and North Korea to reunify the Korean Peninsula, citing Moon's remarks. Kim Jung-un, who rules the country, comes across as an unstable personality, who is willing to use weapons of mass destruction. Trump tweeted soon after the April meeting.

But by last year, it was the last remaining symbol of that effort amid deteriorating cross-border ties.

MERKEL MUTE Debate about North Korea failed to gain much traction among the other G-20 members.

At a press conference on Monday, South Korea's Unification minister Cho Myoung-gyon expressed hope that Pyongyang would respond positively to the proposal, and underlined the importance of military authorities from both sides cooperating to reduce the risk of incidents that could further escalate bilateral tensions. Merkel's response was blunt, stating that the G-20 was a forum that should focus on the global economy and financial markets rather than diplomacy.

The US formally notified South Korea on South Korea that it wanted to start the process of revising the free trade agreementbetween the two countries, claiming that the deal has caused its massive trade deficit worth $27 billion last year.