Microsoft's Xbox One Update Adds The Ability To Co-Stream

Martes, 18 Jul, 2017

Xbox App on iOS and Android updates bring support for LFG Sharing, Game Pass Browsing, an updated Language/Location Setting and an Android-only feature supporting Messaging Chat Bubbles.

It should download and install automatically but if you want to check for it just go into Settings on the console, and then System Updates to check for it and begin the installation process.

Microsoft has announced this month's update, and it offers plenty of new features like being able to upload custom Gamerpics to your profile, Mixer Co-streaming is now available, and you can sign-in to your Xbox One by pressing the Xbox One button on your controller.

The reason for this has been explained and boils down to one simple fact, the console hasn't been approved for sale yet.

According to Microsoft, the feature was one of the most requested from XBL users and has been in beta testing since March, finally ready for release now with the new Xbox One update.

Xbox's Major Nelson shows off the new custom profile
Xbox’s Major Nelson shows off the new custom profile

One last note for everyone about Xbox One and the Xbox Insider Program.

With this update, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now browse the titles in their subscription through the Xbox app. If you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, go to the drawer and select "Store", then swipe over to the "Xbox Game Pass" pivot and you can see the list of featured Game Pass titles or use the provided filters to find a game you are interested in. There is also visibility improvements that allow users to easily see who is watching a current match, who is active, who has completed the tournament, and more.

Digital Foundry also discussed in its own analysis that gamers on displays with a resolution lower than 4K would receive a benefit in fidelity when playing games rendered in 4K thanks to higher resolution textures and super-sampling. Select 'Create Tournament' and choose your game. Those watching can then see a split-screen of all the streams taking place. Users can invite friends to co-stream and/or join others in co-streaming sessions, all from within the Xbox One system. In a previous report by the Express UK, at least 160 Xbox 360 classic titles were already shelved. From there you can make your desired selections. You can also open this view by navigating to the conversation menu options.

Microsoft is due to launch the Xbox One X later this year.