Android O tipped to arrive August 21

Sábado, 12 Ago, 2017

Despite some recent reports suggesting that Android O may be delayed, a Twitter post from Evan Blass suggests that all is well and Android O will launch on August 21. So you can still use the old gesture too. However, this update will require explicit developer approval before it gets pushed. The first Developer Preview was released at the end of 2016, and new versions have come out steadily since then, most recently with Preview 4.1.

Google's Android 4.4 was officially named "KitKat" when the company reached a deal with Nestlé for a promotional collaboration back in 2013.

Google's Android O beta was rolled out for users after Google's I/O conference. Picture-in-picture mode, on the other hand, will let users watch video on top of other app windows. Keep in mind that the app is made for Pixel and Nexus devices.

Google also showcased its Android TV homescreen experience for Android O at the IO 2017 conference.

The double tap to zoom features is coming to the Google Camera via a new update which should already be rolling out to users of the app. Google recommends to developers that future IoT applications should target API 26 "to work correctly on the platform with our support libraries". The company has also introduced a new version of Android Testing Support Library that includes features like Android Test Orchestrator, Multiprocess Espresso, and more.

Of course unless you have a Pixel or Nexus phone you're unlikely to see Android O for a good while yet - get in touch with your Android phone manufacturer to see if and when you can expect to see the latest version of the mobile OS on your own handset. The "Octopus" in the easter egg is being attributed to the full form of Android O. There is still no final word as to what will be the full form of Android O and what the official mascot will be.