Google Pixel camera trick comes to other phones through a mod

Lunes, 14 Ago, 2017

At present, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the most widely used version of Android, as it is installed on nearly a third (32.3 percent) of all Android devices, followed by Android 5.0/5.1 Lollipop at 29.2 percent. Still, this along with previous mods (such as a high-speed shutter mod for Nexus phones) shows that the Pixel's camera tricks could theoretically help any Android phone, not just those with a "G" on the back.

Shared with XDA, the developer B-S-G was able to modify the Google Camera app from the Pixel, which includes the HDR+ image processing software, and got it to work on any phone that uses a Snapdragon 820, 821, or 835 processor. And to make a memorable debut, the latest version of Android will be unveiled at the same date of the Solar Eclipse.

On 21 August, Google will finally reveal the name of the operating system.

While Android Oreo is the current favorite, other names have been suggested in the past too.

The mystery around Android O is that which sugar candy will it be named after, this time. We will soon get to know them, but considering the short interval, we may not get to see many.

Google's Internet of Things platform has been updated to Preview 5 and includes the major change of being based on Android O. However this name has been making rounds in hushed whispers.

The camera found on the Google Pixel impressed us when we reviewed the phone last year. Another Google product called Google Play Protect will also be introduced. XDA has also verified that the app is safe and doesn't contain any malicious code.