Trump waffles on Christie's advice while opioids keep killing — Editorial

Lunes, 14 Ago, 2017

"Nobody loves a peaceful solution better than President Trump", he said.

Trump on Friday replied: "Let her speak for Germany", adding, "She's certainly not referring to the United States". Yet it is an odd fact of life that as soon as a new president is sworn in, he cannot get away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. fast enough.

President Donald Trump's threat of a "military option" in Venezuela seems to contradict the advice of his top national security adviser.

Christie cautioned, however, that he was unsure of the final wording of Trump's emergency declaration, telling Hurley, "I've got to see the legal papers to it". "He's thinking long and hard about it. His rhetoric yesterday, I think, is a change that is probably necessary".

By Wednesday, President Trump appeared to back off a little, expressing hope the U.S. nuclear arsenal would never have be used. Opioids account for the majority of those deaths.

Donnelly introduced legislation recently to make treatment more easily available to people who are addicted. They know that, in case of an actual military confrontation, Korean refugees would stream over their common border.

Declaring a national emergency does bring attention to the issue, Stein said.

Almost 1,900 Illinois residents died of an opioid overdose last year, according to the state Department of Public Health, with most of them, about 1,000, dying of an overdose of heroin.

"The presidents also reiterated their mutual commitment to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula", it added, stressing the two leaders had an "extremely close relationship" that "will hopefully lead to a peaceful resolution of the North Korea problem".

"You're not just threatening people because you want to threaten them, you're threatening them because you want them to take offerings", Wit said. Maybe it's going to be worse than AIDS.

President Trump says he is preparing to declare a national emergency on the opioid crisis. If you can't tell if your opponent is going to nuke you, you might just nuke him first. They are expected to arrive in the designated sites early Saturday.

North Korean outlets said that Trump's remarks showed that he feared North Korea's advancing nuclear and missile programs. State-run media ensure the population gets the North Korean side of the story, without any sense of international concern about the situation. Roughly the same share of respondents - 43 percent - supported increased spending.

The compounding threats came in a week in which the longstanding tensions between the U.S. and the communist country seemed to abruptly boil over.

"Too many lives have been lost to this sweeping epidemic in Indiana and across the country".

At a park in central Pyongyang Friday evening, young people practiced volleyball and grandparents and parents watched children on climbing frames and swings. Still, she says, it's important to treat drug addiction as a chronic disease rather than a crime. She said, "I don't see a military solution and I don't think it's called for".

Those numbers are roughly equal - even though state governments have begun experimenting with new measures to address the crisis.

"In the Army Now", a 1941 comedy with Jimmy Durante and Phil Silvers, uses the phrase "one round, ball ammunition, load and lock".

But while the Trump administration prepares the presidential order, governors in six states have already declared emergencies to deal with opioids. "I am alarmed at what appears to be a dangerously uncoordinated response to the emergency unfolding in front of our eyes", Ryan said in a statement.