Hillary Says No 'Absolution' For Women Who Didn't Vote For Her

Domingo, 17 Set, 2017

She exhibited her hostility for dismissal of FBI director James Comey, contemplated on her love for people namely erstwhile President Bill Clinton who assisted in her getting through the suppressing loss and rebuked the covert election body that she assumes helped Donald Trump win the Presidency.

Promotional efforts for Mrs. Clinton's memoir "What Happened" landed her on "Anderson Cooper 360" to discuss a wide range of topics, including yoga techniques she used to relax in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. election. That's what we all have to hope. The real reason was not the tarmac meeting. Some waited in line for more than five hours to see her. This was not necessary ...

Critics have mixed opinions on her book, with some calling it a "feminist manifesto", while other readers pick on its tendency to dwell on other players like Vladimir Putin and Bernie Sanders and their supposed role in her defeat.

Ch-ch-check out the highlights from the informative interview (below)!

Clinton triumphed over the 2016 favored vote by almost 3 million votes a reality she frequently brings up in her new portrayal.

It should be clear by now that the former secretary of state is speaking exclusively to her fellow Democrats in an urgent effort to polish her tarnished legacy, and she's embraced some rather cloying and disingenuous methods in the process of achieving this mission objective.

"When we first received the results of the election, we felt as though we had hit a brick wall, full force", Mouly wrote at the time.

Much of the country, and the world, was left in shock as the primaries turned red one after another and Trump claimed victory.