IPhone 8 - The top FIVE new features coming to Apple's latest smartphone

Domingo, 17 Set, 2017

The thing is, huge numbers of these measures have been gliding around on Android phones; some new, and other of age. But will it turn out to be?

Besides upgrading to 6GB of memory, the Note8's processing power is identical to the S8.

Equally, with Apple having introduced a device with an improved screen, it is interesting to make the iPhone X vs iPhone 8 comparison here.

It's a very modern design move, which has changed the look of the iPhone for the better. Its boxy shape takes up space on the riverwalk, and its lights dwarf everything around it when seen from the river.

It was small. It fit in my hand. You have to swipe down from the left ear to see notifications, and from the right ear for the Control Center. Samsung phones are a good example of Android phones that have great multi-tasking features.

Although this is a general trend in China's smartphone industry, the feeling is especially strong among iPhone users given it's usually pricier and sturdier. With its almost bezel-less Infinity Display and all-glass-and-metal enclosure, you'll find it hard to resist its curvy charms.

Apple this week unveiled the iPhone X, described by CEO Tim Cook as "the future of the smartphone". However, it is still not worth the $1,000 price tag.

iPhone completists will undoubtedly opt for the iPhone X, but there is plenty to be said for the iPhone 8 as well, and it arguably represents the better value for money purchase of the two.

The Note8 takes its impeccable design blueprint from Samsung's water-resistant S8. Instead, there is a bar along the bottom and swiping up on that will land you back on the home page. Will the phone still identify me correctly? Apple has fitted a much larger display in the iPhone X than has been included in any mobile device from the Californian corporation previously, this is clearly a big selling point of the new release. It makes the screen-to-body ratio of the iPhone X all the more impressive. In fact, Apple is depending on that ecosystem - while Samsung offers its own wireless charging accessories, Apple is only releasing its own charging mat next year.

Apple iPhone X has been the company's most advanced smartphone ever made. It said to the world, "I don't have enough data, and if this won't work with a silly old phone, then I don't need it". Apple is merely following in the path Samsung has blazed, but only for its $999 phone - the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are left out.

Starts at $424.99 for Galaxy S8, $824.99 for Galaxy S8+. And after you've slammed into another body on the street because you couldn't hold your head up, or you've blown yet another evening on Instagram when you could've spent your time cooking a healthy meal and reading an actual book - well, after that it's just too late. Unfortunately, the seamless integration enjoyed between Android devices and Google services is not replicated in the integration of iOS and Google services.

Imagine if someone did the same for, say, toasters - with executives intoning 'And on the end... a little section where you can fry an egg', while fans wept with joy. LG's phone also has a nearly borderless 5.7-inch screen with a sharper resolution compared to Apple's smartphone (2,880 x 1,440 versus the iPhone X's 2,436 x 1,135 display).

The 64GB storage variant has been priced at CNY 3,299 (Rs. 32,300), the 128GB storage variant has been priced at CNY 3,599 (Rs. 35,300) and the 256GB storage variant has been priced at CNY 3,999 (Rs. 39,200).

Got your eye on that iPhone X, though? Qualcomm improveTouch can also support displays that have unique shapes with curves - which enabled Essential Products to create a smartphone with a near bezel-less display.