Phillies could be plenty of fun to watch next season

Viernes, 22 Set, 2017

Maeda threw five innings of one-run relief in a brief foray to the pen in June.

That's the kind of summer it was for the Phillies' development process. He tries to keep up the string when he faces the visiting Angels. "But what can you do?"

Yet here they are, headed back to the West Coast on the verge of sealing the deal. "Maybe that little bit of relief is what we all need around here". At one point, he played error-free second base for 47 consecutive games. And third baseman Justin Turner took a Mark Leiter Jr. fastball off the right thumb in his first plate appearance Thursday and had to leave the game in the second inning. There's some coloring in there, a bruise. "So we'll see how that goes". Shortstop Corey Seager, who had already fouled a ball off his right calf against the Washington Nationals, fouled a ball off his right ankle in Wednesday night's game. But even Morrow, who has been so solid this year, couldn't get the job done and gave up a 2-run double to Aaron Altherr.

The Phillies can choose to delay Kingery becoming eligible for free agency from 2023 to 2024 if they don't bring him up to the majors until the middle of May.

It was a pinch-hit home run by Andre Ethier that tied the game at 4-4 in the seventh inning.

For Ethier, it was his second pinch-hit homer since being activated this month. But Galvis, 27, is the team's leader as well as the doubleplay mate and best friend of Cesar Hernandez, a fellow Venezuelan who happens to be the team's steadiest player since 2015.

"I'm really not focusing on October".

And if nothing else, the team as a whole has shown there is some reason for hope.

"These guys (the Dodgers' front office) have a lot of decisions to make. We've just got to carry it over when we get home".

"With Kenta today, it's a tall task to have nine days off and be sharp", Roberts said.

Lately, much of the conversation concerning the Phillies involves their overfull pool of young, talented position players ready to play in the major leagues.

"It's my mantra right now for all of us", Roberts said.

Roberts cited Maeda's success against right-handed batters as particularly valuable.

"I understand the realities", Maeda said through his interpreter. I do want to be a starter but I understand. The gratification of winning the division is tempered by the disappointment that it's taking so darn long. The Dodgers can clinch their fifth straight divisional crown Friday with a win or an Arizona loss. "It would be only fitting that we clinch the fifth in a row on Tommy's birthday". But that's not possible.