Microsoft ends support for Windows 10 November Update and Office 2007

Jueves, 12 Oct, 2017

On Thursday, Google researcher Mateusz Jurczyk published an analysis on the Project Zero blog describing how Microsoft's handling of Windows updates leaves users of some versions more vulnerable to security risks. So far, Windows 10 has been offered to existing Windows customers at no charge.

It shouldn't be a big deal for Microsoft as many of Windows 10 apps, such as Mail and Calendar already receives update on the Windows Store. This means the upcoming update will be available to a higher number of Insider who can do the last minute testing before the Fall Creators Update goes live on October 17.

I've asked Microsoft for further information as to who was affected and any other additional steps it is advising users to take. However, users of enterprise-focused versions of Windows 10 can disable automatic updates if they believe those processes might interfere with their business operations. PCs that include "Windows 7 Pro with Windows 10 Pro Downgrade Rights" basically come pre-installed with Windows 7. Most Windows 10 users are no longer using this version, so this is largely a reminder for stragglers to update. Mainstream support for both the services ended on October 9, 2012.

It's also confirmation that this update will be called the Fall Creators Update on Windows 10 Mobile.

According to ZDNet Microsoft is going to use the release to change the way it licenses and prices Windows 10 for its PC maker partners.

This morning, we had a really fun 300-level session where all of us got on stage and had a chance to engage in conversation with you. Microsoft says The Fall Creators Update SDK "provides 1000s of new capabilities and improvements". Application restrictions can be configured by either the ApplicationManagement CSP or AppLocker CSP. Building on the touch-first ethos of Microsoft's earlier Project Neon, the Fluent Design System is aimed at creating an OS that works across all sorts of Windows devices, encompassing PCs, phones, tablets, and VR and AR headsets. The flaw caused SharePoint to fail to properly sanitize a specially crafted web request and could result in a privilege escalation attack.

Office 2007 reaches the end of its support lifecycle this year, meaning there will be no new security updates, non-security updates, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates.