Carlos Beltran announces retirement — Kansas City Royals

Martes, 14 Nov, 2017

That season, his third with the Bombers at age 39, he hit.304 with 22 homers before an Aug. 1 trade to the Texas Rangers.

Carlos Beltran announced today on the Players' Tribune that he is retiring from baseball.

At the mention of one high profile job that remains open - that which Joe Girardi recently vacated, not of his own volition - Beltran was cagey about the possibility of taking his talents back to New York. "You can't be afraid to ask questions to those people that you look up to".

But you can tell he considered both sides of this decision a lot. He then batted.231 with 14 home runs and 51 RBI for Houston.

And did he ever. The games had been originally scheduled for San Diego's Petco Park, and the shift to Estadio de Beisbol was announced Monday.

There was a collective sigh of relief when the Cardinals signed Carlos Beltran prior to the 2012 season; partly because he'd hopefully fill a gap left in Albert Pujols' wake, but mainly because the guy couldn't hurt us anymore. His departure was abrupt and fans roasted him for years in regard to him leaving a team that went 92-70 and fell just slightly short against the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS that same year. It could have been worse for Italy, as Sweden was denied what looked like two clear-cut penalties for handballs, first from Matteo Darmian and then from Andrea Barzagli.

It's pretty clear, having read all of that, that Beltran's candidacy is one about being an all-around great player, not as a supremely great hitter who achieved some hallowed milestone or who was some sort of freakish specialist in any one aspect of the game like defense or base running or batting average or something.

Carlos Beltran has hung up his spikes. Should he go in as a Royal? He had come a long way and I'm positive that he didn't want squander this unique opportunity to ensure that he's financially set for life.

"It's incredible for him". There were no hitches or wasted bits of motion, but neither was there the rote and repeatable chop of a swing born in a hitting clinic. It was Bennett's 100th NHL game. But it's befitting that he came back to the place where his career ascent begun and it culminated appropriately with a ring and chapter in his baseball life history that many players would kill for.

To win your first World Series in a long career and then retire, it's a storybook ending to a Hall of Fame career. It's difficult to capture Beltran's career in a single image or smash it into some archetypal shape or other, but that's a feature, not a bug.

His emotion, his speeches, the work that he has done with relief efforts from two separate hurricanes - affecting his own homeland as well as his adopted homeland - gets the utmost of my admiration.