Israel launches second airstrike on Syrian military facility near Damascus

Miércoles, 06 Dic, 2017

Second alleged Israeli attack inside Syria in a week hits research centre in Jamraya on the outskirts of Damascus.

According to war monitor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Israel has once again fired missiles at a Syrian army site near Damascus on Monday. According to Lebanese news agencies, the Israeli air strike was targeted at a scientific research centre near Damascus.

"The explosions were accompanied by flashes. believed to be caused regime's air defence launching its missiles to intercept the [Israeli] missiles and prevent them from hitting their targets", the Observatory added.

Israeli officials say they will take the necessary steps to keep their border and citizens safe.

Satellite images show the Israeli Air Force targeted suspected Iranian bases in three villages outside of the capital city.

Foreign media outlets reported late Monday night that Israel attacked the Jamarya military complex on the outskirts of Damascus.

Following the strikes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he won't allow Iran to "entrench" in Syria. While Jerusalem does not generally comment on its military operations abroad, the government has publicly admitted to conducting over 100 missions in Syria.

In a BBC report that revealed the Iranian base's presence in November, satellite images showed the construction of some two dozen new structures in the area that are likely used for housing soldiers and vehicles.