[WATCH] California wildfire: mass evacuation in Ventura country

Miércoles, 06 Dic, 2017

And the Thomas Fire, which has been burning the longest, has torn through a massive 50,000 acres in Ventura County. Third: The song manages to strain at the bar of "sound that comes out of a Hallmark card that plays music when you open it". That figure was down from 200,000 customers who were in the dark Monday night because of transmission line problems associated with the fire.

At least 150 structures were damaged, according to the fire department.

What's it looking like for firefighters?

Some residents spent the twilight hours dousing their roofs with water, hoping that would combat flying embers. Hundreds of thousands of people lost power.

California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Ventura County Tuesday morning. "Right now with the last five to six years being in a drought, and then getting some rain this winter, it didn't change much of the vegetation".

The fire had torn through neighborhoods, razing homes to the ground, reducing them to gray smoldering ashes. She tried to save her neighbor's two cats but could find only one before a neighbor screamed for her to leave. What are officials telling people to do? This schmaltz-bomb is the king of depressing (ly awful) Christmas songs. Many people wore masks as they walked through the area.

"I was waken up by the sound of fire engines around 5 o'clock in the morning", Derek Berry told Xinhua.

The fire, burning just south of Thomas Aquinas College, killed a family pet and injured a firefighter. The east-to-west blowing winds come from the Pacific and tap into warm and dry conditions inland. "The Coast Highway gave firefighters a wide break to protect homes on the ocean side of the freeway from the flames", member station KCLU's Lance Orozco reports. "These fires are not just fast and furious, but they're really expensive to fight". Authorities have also pressed helicopters into service to douse the vast spreading fire.

"This is mirroring the Tubbs Fire we had to deal with in Northern California", said Scott McLean, a deputy chief for the state's Cal Fire agency. "This is not flat land, and some areas are inaccessible to get equipment to".

"I went outside and looked, and I saw the flames coming over the hill", he said. "We're so blessed that we still have a house". And conditions are so dry and cool, so there's a lot of fuel for the fires. In October 2003, Santa Ana winds fed the ruinous Cedar Fire in San Diego County, which consumed 2,820 structures, and the Old Fire, in San Bernardino County, which wiped out 1,003 buildings.

There appeared to be no reported fatalities early on, according to the Los Angeles Times and the Ventura County Fire Department. "The challenges of our changing climate are real". He had just visited the house on Thanksgiving two weeks ago.

One of many structors in flamses after an early-morning major alarm brush fire that broke out in the Kagel Canyon area above Sylmar Tuesday. Winds will diminish in the afternoon.