Consumer Reports rubbishes iPhone X

Jueves, 07 Dic, 2017

The folks over at Nikkei cite their own sources, which state that the new 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will sport a metal back and come in several colors.

The OLED phone will reportedly come with a 5.8-inch display and will come as a sequel to the iPhone X.

The two sport a big difference in screen, as the iPhone X got a huge upgrade into OLED, which offers ideal blacks and more vivid colors, as well as higher resolution 2436 x 1125. iPhone 8 still uses the old IPS LCD display. Many Apple fans weren't happy with the glass back on the new iPhone models because it opens both the front and back of the device up to expensive repairs in the case of an accidental drop.

Nikkei added that the LCD model will have a metal back, which suggests it might not pack newer technologies such as wireless charging.

Price wise, the small 4.7-inch iPhone 8 starts at $699, while the bigger 5.7-inch iPhone 8 Plus starts at $799. iPhone X is of course much pricier at $1,149. It's the reason we're only seeing Space Gray, Silver, and Gold this year with the iPhone 8.

Considering we're nine months away from seeing the new iPhones, it's worth taking this report lightly until we see stronger evidence that these possibilities could be true. The source said that there was a good chance that Casetek would win orders for the LCD model, as the design may be akin to iPads, which the Pegatron subsidiary is already supplying casing for.

The Nikkei report speculates that Apple's decision may be born from wanting to reduce its dependency on smartphone rival Samsung, its sole provider of OLED screens.

According to Consumer Reports, when it comes to durability, the iPhone X is not the best purchase you can make.

The low-end LCD device out of the three will be assembled by Pegatron and possibly Wistron. It would be a shocker if the tech giant confirmed or denied any of the rumored specs or features of the 2018 lineup at this point. Nikkei says Apple is reluctant to switch entirely to OLED in 2018 due to the fear of becoming over-reliant on Samsung.