Trump: "I feel very badly" for General Flynn

Jueves, 07 Dic, 2017

But David Rivkin Jr., a Washington lawyer specializing in constitutional law who worked in the Justice Department under presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, said that even if the president knew that Flynn had lied to the FBI, "his authority as the chief executive is perfectly sufficient and appropriate to decide that this matter should not be investigated any further". "The case for immunity has its adherents, but they based their position largely on the consideration that a president subject to prosecution would be unable to perform the duties of the office, a result that they see as constitutionally intolerable".

Pressed on whether Kislyak acted upon pressure from Flynn, Peskov added: "The information which Putin gets from ambassadors is nobody's business". And one of the advisers, who speaks to Trump regularly, said the president had not discussed with him the possibility of issuing any pardons.

Trump has been publicly dismissive of Comey and of special counsel Robert Mueller's continuing investigation, and was often generous in his appraisal of Flynn, except to say his adviser could not stay on the job after misleading his vice president. Wray did send a message to the staff yesterday-not mentioning the president-saying he is "inspired by example after example of professionalism and dedication to justice demonstrated around the bureau".

Donald Trump insists that there was no reason for Flynn to mislead the authorities.

Hillary Clinton lied many times to the FBI. With Nixon, hush money paid, telling people to lie, destroying evidence. "There was nothing to hide!" "I dare you", tweeted Walter Shaub, the former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, who has been a vocal critic of Trump since leaving the federal government in July.

Electronic records show Peter Strzok, who led the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server as the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division, changed Comey's earlier draft language describing Clinton's actions as "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless", the sources said.

"Flynn lied and they destroyed his life", Mr Trump said.

During the transition, she warned a colleague that President Barack Obama's sanctions against Moscow for election meddling could make it harder for Trump to ease tensions with Russia, "which has just thrown the U.S.A. election to him".

Trump fired Comey in May, leading to Mueller's appointment.

The president is not being well served by his lawyers.

President Donald Trump's personal attorney John Dowd believes Trump cannot be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. However, the power to impeach resides with the House of Representatives, and Gingrich voted as a congressman to impeach Bill Clinton for obstruction of justice.

A White House spokesman declined to answer whether Dowd dictated the tweet word-for-word to the White House director of social media, Dan Scavino, or whether Scavino, who has access to the @RealDonaldTrump account and its 44 million followers, put the sentiment into something resembling Trump's own voice. Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey after Comey allegedly refused to stop investigating Flynn.

The president's aides and legal advisers have scrambled for 48 hours to explain a presidential tweet that raised the specter of obstruction.

Flynn and Kislyak had phone conversations on December 29, 2016, the day that Obama announced the new sanctions and expelled 35 Russian diplomats.

"But look, there's still a lot of confusion, because we keep hearing different things about what exactly did the president know", he said. "That is an ignorant and arrogant assertion", Dowd told Axios.

Pence, who served as head of Trump's transition, has not publicly commented on Flynn's plea.