UCF is calling itself national champions. Florida Gov. Rick Scott agrees

Martes, 09 Ene, 2018

The college football playoff has endured controversy since its inception, but this could be the first time two teams truly believe they are the nation's best at the end of the season.

The festivities will include a pep rally.

After beating Auburn, UCF football's Twitter feed was changed to "2017 National Champions" with the logo to match. The school was controversially left out of the college playoff, but it hasn't stopped the state of Florida from celebrating.

It's that perfect season that, according to the team, the fans and school officials, "makes the national championship between Alabama and Georgia irrelevant". "I like any sport - and I heard Coach Saban say this - I like any sport where things are decided on the field and it's not subjective, the champion isn't decided by 12 people sitting in a board room".

Rick Scott declared the undefeated team "national Champions in Florida" on Monday through a proclamation ahead of celebrations in Orlando for the players and coaching staff.

The unfortunate part of this is that there's no guarantee that a Group of 5 team would get in even with this sort of format.

In the week following UCF's Peach Bowl victory there has been significant debate about whether the Knights should be considered national champs. The general response has been, "The championship game will be played here in Atlanta at 8 p.m. Monday night".

Luckily, everything got sorted out and he was allowed to enjoy the pre-game feast.