Intel Wrestled With Chip Flaws for Months

Sábado, 13 Ene, 2018

"While programs are not typically permitted to read data from other programs, a malicious program can exploit Meltdown and Spectre to get hold of secrets stored in the memory of other running programs", claimed the researchers, who uncovered the flaws, in a blog post. The Intel CEO's sale occurred as developers were racing to fix enormous vulnerabilities in their computer processors.

A security flaw has been found in virtually all Intel processors that will require fixes within Windows, macOS and Linux, according to reports. But intel and ARM say both exploits can be patched with software updates from them and operating system makers over the coming days and weeks.

Researchers said almost every processor made by the company since 1995 could be affected.

AMD and ARM dominate the rest of the computer chip market, although Samsung leads in chip making for mobile devices. That's going to take time. "We've worked to optimize the CPU and disk I/O path and are not seeing noticeable performance impact after the fix has been applied". This is known as "speculative execution".

To proceed with the claims, plaintiffs will need to establish that Intel misled consumers and prove damage resulting from the bugs, like performance slowdowns or cyberattacks.

An internal memo, which CNBC received and reported on, suggests Krzanich is bullish on the company's future (stock sale aside).

"Both Spectre and Meltdown are ways of exploiting this behaviour".

If you want to put things into perspective, despite the fall in Intel's share price this week; it's still trading much higher than when Krzanic sold his shares in November last year. Intel said it continues to work with its partners and others to address these issues, and appreciates their support and assistance.

"We assume that's secure, but what this shows is that we can't necessarily make those assumptions". That brought down the total number of shares he owns to 250,000 - which is the minimum number of shares that the CEO of Intel is required to own, according to a Motley Fool report.

How do you fix it?

After an Intel processor bug affecting CPU kernel vulnerability was discovered, the tech giant finally spoke to allay fears of its users.

It supplied a full list of affected Google products, adding that Android devices with the latest security updates are protected.

Dr Yarom agreed that software fixes for Meltdown could cost devices in performance speed.

Dr Glance described the situation as serious but not "hopeless".

Kraznich is a big deal in the business world. "For most consumer devices, the impact may not be noticeable, however, the specific impact varies by hardware generation and implementation by the chip manufacturer", the company said.

"Furthermore, cloud providers without real hardware virtualisation, relying on containers that share one kernel, such as Docker, LXC or OpenVZ, are affected", the researchers added. That's right - they think these 10 stocks are even better buys. At worst, he could face an investigation from the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.