North and South Korea celebrate peace through taekwondo show

Domingo, 11 Feb, 2018

Her arrival on Kim Jong Un's private jet with a coterie of 22 officials was broadcast live on South Korean television.

"My own view is that President Moon should only go if there is a strong signal from the North of willingness to engage seriously with the Trump administration", Wilder said.

Pence has repeatedly left open the possibility of an encounter at the Games, but said the U.S. had not requested a meeting.

The trip comes amid a flurry of activity following Kim Jong Un's surprise proposal on New Year's Day to send a delegation of athletes, officials, entertainers and cheering groups to the Olympics.

They do so with as much focus on the North, which has zero real medal contenders, as the South, which in the three decades since its last Olympics has built a solid winter program as it went from economic backwater and military dictatorship to Asia's fourth-biggest economy and a bulwark of liberal democracy.

The North's Olympic "detente" is a striking shift in tactics.

This 60-minute match was always going to be significant no matter what the result. When the wind gusts return, you don't want to be covered in that debris. This is her first high-profile international appearance at center stage, though she is technically just a member of a delegation headed by Kim Yong Nam. He did not attend the state dinner, which was attended by Kim Jong Un's sister. "Everybody was pressuring me to use her. I was getting a lot of pressure to use her early, that we weren't good enough [without her]".

After two failed Olympic bids that emphasized the high-sounding notion that the games could help make peace with North Korea, Pyeongchang finally sold its successful try in 2011 on the decidedly capitalistic goal of boosting winter sports tourism in Asia.

Under the current administration, Abe's adviser Isao Iijima met with Kim, the North's 90-year-old nominal head of state, in May 2013.

Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of Kim Jong Un, "courteously" handed over a personal letter from the North Korean leader to Moon during talks on Saturday and also told Moon of her brother's "intention", KCNA said, without elaborating on what that was.

It was an emotionally charged moment.

At the height of their Cold War rivalry, sports were often an alternate battlefield between the Koreas. North Korea boycotted the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul and blew up a South Korean commercial airliner the year before.

Describing the deal as "seriously flawed", Moon has said Seoul will not seek to renegotiate it, but expressed hope for a fresh Japanese apology to the victims.

Attending the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Vice President Mike Pence had harsh words for North Korea's show of military strength prior to the opening ceremonies, slamming the military parade less than 24 hours after heaping praise on President Donald Trump's desire to have his own military showcase.

It's still unclear whether Saturday's event could be used to set up bigger meetings between the Koreas.

A senior White House official said Pence was not trying to avoid the delegation from North Korea but rather ignore them, according to the AP.

The North and South held summits in Pyongyang in 2000 and 2007, both hosted by Kim Jong Il.

The North has sent nearly 500 people to the Pyeongchang Games including officials, athletes, artists and cheerleaders after the Koreas agreed to a series of conciliatory gestures to mark the games. "I take great pride in seeing the extraordinary prosperity of freedom in South Korea and to know that the people of South Korea know that the American soldier won that for them - that's why there is no daylight and there will be no daylight - because the core of the bond between South Korea and the U.S. was forged in war".

The two losing PyeongChang bids stressed peace on the Korean peninsula, even reunification.

Security for anything involving the North Koreans has been exceptionally tight.