Intel's drones light up Winter Olympics with record-breaking flight

Lunes, 12 Feb, 2018

Moon also faces the risk of a backlash at home.

North Korea's participation in the Olympics has already allowed Kim Jong-un to undermine President Donald Trump's pressure campaign, with some sanctions suspended temporarily until the event ends. This is particularly relevant as North Korea has recently been accused of conducting widespread campaigns to steal cryptocurrency assets.

"Honestly, I didn't know I would come here so suddenly". It is one we are dealing with. It involves a "limited" strike against either a missile or nuclear site in the North and is intended to send an unmistakable message to Kim Jong Un: This administration will not acquiesce. "We can't say right now".

In South Korea and beyond, commentators are taken with Kim's surprisingly stylish and relaxed demeanor.

"The proposal, as well as North Korea's presence at the Games, sends a signal that the North Koreans are ready to talk", Lankov said.

The high-level delegation from North Korea flew over the western sea toward rival South Korea in a private plane owned by Kim Jong Un. Swiss forward Allina Muller completed a hat trick in the first period and scored the game's first four goals. Saturday's game ended in a crushing 8-0 loss to Switzerland.

It seems likely that those twin possibilities - the political opportunity of a lifetime coupled with intense distrust of North Korean intentions - played in Moon's mind when he raised a toast at a lunch Saturday with Kim Yo Jong.

For some others, the day was nothing special. Programmed to form snowboarders, Olympic rings and a bird flapping its wings, Intel had planned to launch the drones during the Opening Ceremony as part of a live event, but due to an "impromptu logistical change", it was left to simply air a pre-recorded version instead.

Analysts say Kim Jong Un's decision to send his sister to the South reflected an eagerness to break out of diplomatic isolation by improving ties with the South, which the country could eventually use as a bridge to approach the United States. Some worry, though, that the two Koreas have all their work still ahead of them when it comes to peace. They're also a a time people.

Always flanked by thick groups of bodyguards, Kim Yo Jong commanded attention wherever she went, walking among throngs of journalists with a quiet poise and occasionally shooting an enigmatic smile at cameras.

But the power of the Olympics can shine a light on preventing sexual misconduct, said Kwon Eun Jin, the head of women's welfare in the Gangwon-do Provincial Office.

While figure skating may be the sport that receives the most attention on Sunday, the American athlete with the most hype surrounding her is Mikaela Shiffrin, who is looking to achieve a Michael Phelps-esque medal collection in alpine skiing.

"The Opening Ceremony was a terrific show, which we hope will only be topped by the excitement generated by the athletes and competition over the next few weeks".

Pyeongchang 2018 spokesman Sung Baik-you commented that, "There was a cyberattack and the server was updated yesterday during the day and we have the cause of the problem".