FBI says White House had information on Trump aide last year

Jueves, 15 Feb, 2018

"To presume I feel differently is simply a very strong mischaracterization of who I am and what this White House is", she added.

Porter had been serving with an interim security clearance while his background check was pending, the White House said, a common occurrence for officials in a government facing a backlog of hundreds of thousands of such security reviews.

$88.2 billion. Iraq's minister of planning says that's how much the country needs to rebuild after the battle to kick out ISIS.

In an opinion piece in The Washington Post, Holderness wrote that Conway's first statement "implies that those who have been in abusive relationships are not strong".

"Wray's FBI timeline makes one thing clear: the Kelly coverup is unraveling right before our eyes", a White House source told Axios.

The president has floated names of possible replacements for Kelly, including National Economic Council head Gary Cohn, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Budget Director Mick Mulvaney and businessman and GOP heavyweight Wayne Berman.

But winning over women has long been an uphill battle for the GOP, and there are signs in recent polling that Trump is making it more difficult. "I would never presume to understand anything going on with that individual, nor would I think that she could presume whats going on with me or the way I'm responding", Sanders said. Ryan's comments and word of the House probe followed a day after the FBI contradicted the White House over the Porter accusations. The president's remarks came more than a week after the allegations against former White House staff secretary Rob Porter first became public.

Sanders initially had said last week that Porter would "stay on to ensure that there's a smooth transition moving forward".

Based on Wray's testimony, the White House is lying when it says Porter's background check had not been completed, or was ongoing.

Most likely, Porter was deemed too valuable to the White House given that he, and virtually no one else, including the president and chief of staff John Kelly, understood how the legislative branch of government works. Similarly, Rob Porter, the White House staff secretary, that scandal, Chris Wray testified there were problems for the security clearance last month.

But the White House accelerated Porter's departure as its explanations started to fall apart.

Eric Trump on Tuesday called domestic abuse "truly the lowest of low" and said President Donald Trump takes the issue "very seriously" in light of the allegations against former White House staff secretary Rob Porter. Savarino said the report then is sent to the agency - in Porter's case, the White House- that requested the investigation. "That's why he physically abused her", O'Donnell said. And many questions about the matter went unanswered, as the daily press briefing was postponed repeatedly until, in the wake of the shooting, it was cancelled completely.

MEN'S ICE HOCKEY: The men's ice hockey competition will get underway on Wednesday with USA taking on Slovenia and Slovakia taking on the gold medal favorite Olympic Athletes from Russia team. FBI director Christopher Wray talked about the need to build partnerships with the tech community (DHS Secretary Nielson is actually in Silicon Valley this week) - and that may be an opening for a more productive conversation between the two sectors.

This is probably the tip of the spear. While Wray said he was unable to reveal the content of those investigations, he confirmed that the FBI submitted a partial report to the White House in March and then a completed report in July.

The White House has refused to divulge the number of staff members who still do not have full clearances, though the list includes Jared Kushner, the president's senior adviser and son-in-law.

And Wray's comments to the committee indicate that the interim clearance probably should have been revoked.