Trump, aides fire back at Comey on Twitter — The Latest

Domingo, 15 Abr, 2018

Sanders added that the administration was "maintaining that we have a number of options on the table", but noted, "final decisions haven't been made yet on that front". It's tragic." He ran through the symptoms of "Coward's Back" (named for Rowan Coward), adding: "Don't feel bad for the speaker. After the attack stopped and the skies darkened again, nationalist songs blared from loudspeakers mounted on vehicles crossing the streets. He encouraged Trump to skip the trip to South America to manage the Syria strategy.

The current Commander in Chief took to his favourite contemporary method of communication to set the record straight.

'Washington considers a few variants of the actions against the Syrian regime and all of them are still discussed. His behavior in the White House has been closely watched by both those working for him and casual political observers.

Now, Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen - who holds secrets about many of the president's personal and financial dealings - is in the crosshairs.

Sanders said that Russia needed to "make some changes to their behavior". "Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and 'smart!'" Trump tweeted Wednesday. "Hopefully someday we'll get along with Russia, and maybe even Iran, but maybe not".

Trump also announced Tuesday he was cancelling plans to attend the Summit of the Americas over the weekend as well as an overnight visit to Colombia.

Early Wednesday, Trump tweeted: "Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria".

Trump wrote on Twitter Friday: "He is a weak and unethical slimeball who was, as time has proven, a terrible Director of the FBI".

On Monday, the Republican leader promised that the "heinous attack on innocent Syrians with banned chemical weapons" would be "met forcefully". Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj.

Trump has long been public about his frustration with how Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, setting in motion the series of events that led Rosenstein to appoint Mueller as special counsel.

President Donald Trump was so incensed by the FBI's raid of his personal attorney's office and hotel room that he's privately pondered firing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and publicly mused about ousting special counsel Robert Mueller. "The President will remain in the United States to oversee the American response to Syria and to monitor developments around the world".

That message followed another provocative tweet, in which Trump laced into Russia for supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose government is accused of launching an apparent chemical attack Saturday on its own people.

The meeting, though, seemed to have been arranged quickly.

Trump later conflated the Mueller probe with rising US tensions with Russia.

He added: "So much Fake News about what is going on in the White House".